APS 6011: Presentations in the Biological Sciences

Learning Taxonomy 

Course-level Outcomes (CO)

APS 6011 taxonomy graph

1. Explore diverse ways that Biologists communicate through presentations.

2. Identify your audience and effectively communicate a message.

3. Synthesize appropriate background information to support your message.

4. Identify the most effective technology to use for a given presentation.

5. Create presentations which effectively communicate scientific knowledge for different audiences using cutting edge technology tools.



Learning Activities & Assessments  Course-level Outcomes (CO) Program-level Outcomes (PO) 21st Century Skills


Sound Bites

Video Shorts

Conference Presentation

Conference Poster

Five minute TED Talk



Communication Badge

Media Literacy badge

ICT Literacy badge

Initiative and Self-direction badge

Productivity and Accountability badge

APS 6950 / 6011 is a graduate-level biology course in which students communicate complex scientific facts and findings in a variety of communication media to reach a range of audiences. Students essentially step into the role of a scientist who faces the communication demands of their field like presenting to peers at a research conference but also to communicate scientific knowledge in layman’s terms in an interview, or podcast.

Note that course outcome #5, directly promotes active learning by requiring students to create a variety of presentations. The assessment measures tied to this course outcome fosters multiple 21st century skills.