Redefining Quality in eLearning through Authentic Task Design

Distance Teaching and Learning Conference 2016

Workshop: Christiane Reilly and Mark Kayser

Current eLearning quality standards require that tools and media support the student in becoming an active learner (Quality Matters 2014) but miss HOW active learning is to be established. The Principles of Authentic eLearning as articulated by Herrington, Reeves, and Oliver are paramount to creating learning experiences that are learner-centered and that promote the development of 21st Century Skills.

Apply authentic e-Learning principles to maximize student engagement and to foster the life and career skills needed for success in a knowledge-based society. Learn how to support students in becoming active learners and use rubrics to evaluate e-Learning courses for task- and course-authenticity.

Conference Presentation

Redefining Quality in Education Through Authentic Task Design