Reviewing Online Courses for Active Learning Course Design

Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) Conference 2019

Single Paper: Christiane Reilly, ABD

Keywords: authentic tasks, active learning score, active learning course review

Abstract: Active learning as a standard of online course design remains largely undefined. With online courses becoming a widely accepted mode of instruction, it becomes imperative to better define what active learning in an online course looks like. This design-based research (DBR) study systematically reviews online courses by carefully examining e-learning activities and assessments for indicators of active learning using the authentic task principles as articulated by Oliver, Herrington, & Reeves (2006) as indicators of active learning. This intervention proposes that courses that score high on authentic task principles promote more active learning than courses that score low. The practical outcome of this study is a course review method that evaluates the extent to which an online course offers active learning opportunities. The theoretical outcome aims to better understand how to integrate what is known about the nature of learning into the instructional design process.

Presentation Outcomes

The tangible outcomes of this presentation provide a method by which an online course can be evaluated for active learning and receive and active learning score

Conference Presentation