From Teaching Content to Fostering Competencies: Assessing Disciplinary Outcomes and Higher Order Skills

Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) Conference 2019

Single Paper: Christiane Reilly, ABD

Keywords: active learning course review, 21st century skills assessment

Abstract: This design-based research study (DBR) systematically examines e-learning activities and assessments for evidence of fostering 21st century skills. Because these higher order skills are taught indirectly rather than directly, namely through the very learning activities and assessments that a learner engages in to meet disciplinary goals, this study carefully examines those learning activities and assessments that deliver on both. The practical outcome of this study provides a method for tracking 21st century skills in online courses as well as synthesizes design principles derived from learning activities that foster them. The theoretical outcome of this study are insights into the complex relationship between disciplinary goals and skill development as well as into the type of learning activities and assessments that foster both. The intended audience for this study are educators charged with the design, development, and / or review of online courses.

Presentation Outcomes

1. share process for mapping learning activities and assessments for multiple levels of outcomes (course, program, t-skills) so that these can be tracked through the learning management system to create curriculum maps and learning analytics

2. share process by which courses mapped in this manner support individual course review and program review

3. share process by which this data gathered can be visualized both manually or using Tableau

3. provide insight and evidence into the complex relationship between learning activities and assessments and the skills they foster

Conference Presentation