Course-level Tracking

Outcomes come in different sizes. Course outcomes are knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be achieved as a result of having taken a course. 

Competencies and higher-order skills on the other hand are fostered over the extended educational journey. They require at minimum that they are introduced, reinforced, and hopefully eventually mastered. Because the development of competencies spans across courses, they require tracking so that designers of learning are able to see where a competency is introduced, reinforced, and mastered.

This Outcomes Table provides the means to track these skills either manually or via the learning management system. It also clarifies the complex relationship that learning activities have in fostering higher order skills while delivering the course content. The completed outcomes table also becomes the roadmap for loading the outcomes into the learning management system to automate the tracking. This provides a system view of the competencies for curricular review at the program level so that gaps can be identified and remediated.