Course Review

In an effort to gauge to what extend learning activities provide opportunities for interaction that support active learning (QM standard 5.2), Online and Educational Services (OES) incorporated the Authentic Task Principles into the online course review as indicators of active learning.

During the course review process, learning activities and assessments are evaluated against the authentic task principles to quantify how active the learning design is. The highest possible score is 36/30 but it is not the goal to maximize each principle. Rather the goal is to avoid courses that fall extremely low on the active learning (below 10) and schedule these for a redesign to incorporate more active learning experiences.

Additionally, OES visualized the learning outcomes on a taxonomy graph. This is to assure an alignment between the level of learning and the assessments but also to illustrate how frequently authentic learning tasks are able to elevate learning to higher levels on the cognitive scale in addition to fostering affective and conative skills.

The Course Review Summary reports on the active learning score, visualizes learning outcomes in a taxonomy graph, and lists the 21st century skills fostred by the curriculum.

CCAPS Online Course Review Standards

CCAPS Online Course Review Form